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From inception through completion, our project management balances operational efficiency and business/financial viability, while aligning construction design with the client's brand and reputation.

PWSS takes a unique, intuitive approach to make sure your program stands out and exceeds all expectations. Setting the industry standards for thought leadership, strategic development, team coordination and master planning, we implement cost-efficient, and scalable solutions to ensure your projects and programs run efficiently. We recognize that there is a need to align both airport and airline operations, to identify and mitigate design and construction challenges, to formulate creative solutions, and to yield a holistic and sustainable design and construction strategy, that will result in a competitive construction value with cost savings opportunities.  

We offer a wide breadth of consulting services spanning the entire project life cycle from planning through design, fabrication, construction, concessionaire, occupancy, operation and maintenance including the following:

Strategic Advisory & Owner's Representation

Oversee and monitor all and any stages of the program/project development from inception to completion.

Liaison between community stakeholders, government officials, operators, design and construction team and program participates to formulate strategy for accomplishing a successful execution a completion of the program objectives.

Key Stakeholder


Provide thought leadership as a peer and industry expert, with a depth of understanding the build industry and the needs of  clients and marketplace. Implement and facilitate Integrated Project Delivery homed in unique ideas, points of view and new insights. 

Assist in aligning  individuals and groups with competing interests, driving collaboration among aviation stakeholders and delivering highest value for the program.

Master Planning &


Provide key leadership to guide the overall strategic planning for Master Planning and Site Development. Oversee short and long-range planning, developing goals and strategic plans resulting in the development of business plans and cost benefit analysis.

Spearhead issue resolutions and negotiations related to lease agreements, merger and acquisition activities  for regions within portfolio.

Project Management &

Construction Management

Our Project Management and Construction Management services provide our clients with on-time, on-budget project management solutions through various staffing models, supply chain optimization and expertise by project and asset type—all customized to ensure success of your global real estate projects.

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